Through the winter, one sip at a time |

Through the winter, one sip at a time


Being the confirmed introvert that I am, beverages, and specifically delicious, hot wintery beverages are extremely important to my way of life.

As one nestles into one’s snuggly slippers and lights the sacred chilling candle and illuminates the eternal fires of the youtube fireplace, one then turns to one’s Self and says, “Self, what should we do now?”

It is then that hot, wintery beverages become essential to happiness.

And, given the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves, small happinesses are the very essence, nay the underpinnings of the Sanity Zone – the parameters which we are all, by now, intimately acquainted.

And so, for you, dearest reader, I propose the following. Many of the bevvies have already accompanied me on my WFH days, my momentinos of relaxation and my walks with my new puppy. And others are in my shopping cart as we speak.

To every time, there is a beverage. Read on for life changing details.

August Uncommon Tea

I got the sampler pack of teas from August. In short: this has been an extraordinary tea experience. Forget what you know about Early Grey. When August Uncommon says, ‘Chocolate, Pistachio, Orange Blossom’ they really mean it. It’s not the ‘name that flavor’ tasting game you play when you drink wine – these tea blends are powerfully and definitively the flavor on the side of the package. In a good way. In a splash hazelnut milk in that cup and let’s chill way. Totally and utterly amazing. If you are wise, grab the PsychoCandy blend. Your life will be better.

Tip Top Cocktails

I talked to you guys before about these little cocktails in a can. They are such a great end of day item. The cocktails really do taste like a barrista version of themselves. One pop and over ice. You are done.


MudWtr is a new name on the bevvie scene. Originally I looked at it as a coffee replacement (trying to get off the sauce lately), and I will say, it does function in that department. It’s a chai forward hot coco that plays well with cinnamon and any plant or animal milk. The first time you order it, I’d recommend getting the official MudWtr electric whisk thingie, because the bev does need a power blend to arrive at the right consistency. I sweeten mine with a bit of honey … really good!

Omission Gluten Free Beer

This little number has found its way into our fridge on more than one occasion in the past few weeks and she has been a welcome addition to our pizza in front of the TV nights. If gluten isn’t your thing, but you miss beer, get Omission. What could be better? It’s beer. But no gluten.

Seedlip Social

If you are No-Alcohol-At-All or you need to abstain for a bit, Seedlip might need to find its way to your bar cart. These are no-sugar, botanical distillations. I’m particularly interested in the one below – Spice 94 Aromatic – which sounds like it may be the perfect winter mocktail starter. The website has all kinds of cocktail recipes you can make with the various flavors.

21 Seeds

If, indeed, you are drinking alcohol these days, you might want to check out 21 seeds. Basically, these are infused sipping tequilas – think: cucumber, orange and other fresh additions. These are easy for an end of day fireplace hang or to dash some soda into for a two ingredient cocktail.

Let me know how your winter beverage scene looks!

~ Kate

Kate Byars is a photographer, concierge framer and writer in Atlanta, GA. You can check out her work at and on Instagram at

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Through the winter, one sip at a time


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Through the winter, one sip at a time


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Through the winter, one sip at a time



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